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Partnership / Agent / Invest - with us



partnership / agent / invest - with us



Why Partner With Different Tech?

Our expertise, high quality, focused innovative solutions, competencies, reduced total cost and flexible delivery model helps you to achieve your goal preserving your bottom and meeting your dead lines. We at DT have always understood the true value of customers in scaling heights and attaining operational excellence. Our innovative IT solutions have helped clients to make more efficient business operations and increase productivity. To be precise, our services and solutions effectively deal with the business challenges of companies and further helps in gaining competitive advantage in the ever-expanding market.

As a Different Tech Partner, you enjoy the benefits of


  • Wider reach of your services and solutions

  • Referencing through our web site

  • Leveraging our capabilities by integrating services with yours

  • Mutual development plan

  • Full technical support

  • Access to our skills set and solutions expertise

  • Higher Customer Productivity and Return On Investment

  • At Reduced costs.

  • Leverage our high quality global IT workforce

  • Enhance your market competitiveness by focusing on your core business functions

  • Quality Solutions developed by following standard processes

  • Follows defined processes

  • Builds competence for offshore software development methodology to ensure your success

  • Offers 24/7-hour Technical Support.


We are different from traditional affiliate programs offered by other web design companies in many ways. Here is small comparison chart



Traditional affiliate programs Our partnership program
Offer small commission like $50 or up to 10% commission per sale Offer big commission up to 30% per sale
Ask you to promote their brand through their banners and ads on your website Set up a unique website with your name and brand
You become a reseller of someone else's business You DO NOT resell anyone else's business. You sell YOUR services under your name
Complicated process to track your commission Simple pay out process
Lack human intervention and personal help/guide Provide FULL support via email or chat
No help whatsoever about the pricing Exhaustive guidelines to help you learn how to quote your client

Partnership Models

It is just like an extension of your office to an offshore location in Bangladesh.

You no longer have to worry now, about staff benefits, personnel management, pensions, health and safety, you no longer need to recruit and train your own people and update their skills for using a certain technology, no worry about technology, equipment upgrade, software licenses, software upgrades, instead, simply contact us to become an extension to your office and start gaining full advantage from day one.

With your own "extended” Offshore centre you enjoy the cost-cutting up to 60%.  You also enjoy timesaving benefits of doing business offshore without the risks associated with traditional vendor outsourcing.

  • Reseller Partnership

    Sitting at your place you can easily resell your services to your existing and new-fangled clients with your own decided cost and brand, which is as equivalent as your own prominent company. We just provide you with required services which are sold at your cost and brand value, thus, on one hand your part of creating, organizing, expanding and enforcing is done and on other hand we do take responsibility of development, programming and maintenance on determined ideal time and high quality. Check reseller Options

  • Business Partnership

    If you are independent business consultant /domain expert, partnership with us allows you to focus on your core business without worrying about the details involved in carrying the project because all functions of programmers, broad range of technical expertise, database management, Linux, system management, along with application and infrastructure management services are taken care of by us, you just provide us with your requirements. We facilitate your ability to deliver IT resources quickly and efficiently by giving you the brainpower of highly trained IT consultants and specialists. Reliable, innovative IT professionals from HB can help you take your company to the next level yet give you the flexibility to take on your greatest challenges without the expense, delay, or inconvenience of lengthy recruiting and assessment processes.

    We offer:

    • An opportunity to offer your solutions to new and existing clients

    • Support to facilitate your solutions - from research to delivery

    • Our domain expertise and varied skill sets, which, as an independent software vendor, you might not possess.

  • Referral Partnership

    If you are providing our proficient services out of the country by means of promoting or through word of mouth and if it outcomes as a link between us, we provide you defined referral charge.

  • BOT model Partnership -(Build-Operate -Transfer)

    We will recruit, train and deploy highly skilled resources to meet your requirements. It becomes an extension of the client's business development center. BOT services provide efficient, quick and cost effective solutions for those Companies who want to establish a subsidiary.

  • Build:
    We provide infrastructure and services as our clients' need by giving them our proposal first based on the requirement of project and accordingly we decide the team organization structure and every role.

    We provide HR support, technical support and operational management. In short: we will do what is necessary to assure a smooth operating offshore team and we set up processes for remote development in such a way that the offshore team integrates tightly with your core development team.

    Transfer the offshore facility to the customer once it is fully functional and the processes are well controlled.


    For More Information Contact us. Our Business Development Team will present you the specifics needed to become our Partner.


    Invest at DIFFERENT TECH


    DIFFERENT TECH is committed in building a world class recognized high volume IDC .

    With this commitment comes significant responsibility to conduct business in a fair, ethical, and legal manner at every level of our organization. We have already charted our future course of action, fully aware of our position and presence in the future. The projects in the pipeline set the tone for our future growth. We as a team with the spirit of unity have come up with the present projects. A lot of emphasis has been given to hard work and combined effort in processing the projects. Hence we are looking for investments to process our projects and to develop our infrastructure for a sophisticated working environment. We offer, one of the most investor friendly environments, unique in its own way. Your investment will come as a boost for the growth of our company in developing innovative products and services.

    How to invest @ DIFFERENT TECH?

    Investing at DIFFERENT TECH is a very simple process. As we are still a proprietorship owned enterprise, your investment queries will be reviewed by our Investor Relations . You may contact our Investor Relations Center at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . you may direct connect through with skype : differenttech or call +8801756332244