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ERP Software Solution



ERP software solution



DIFFERENT TECH ERP Solutions Software provide some important advantages which are as follows :

  •  Top management will get every information from every department without asking anybody from his desk by visualizing through computer by using  DIFFERENT TECH ERP Software.

  •  In procurement of raw materials, required quantity and respective values are to be possible to count within a few second thus not hampers the production.

  •  Item wise costing to be found out instantly and the authority can understand whether the business is on profit or loss.

  •  Standard quantity of material consumption for actual production to be defined correctly.

  •  Physical stock to be verify at any time.

  •  Get the Item wise details / summary transaction monthly / annually within a few second.

  •  Latest purchase price of different party to be found out instantly.

  •  Production planning (i,e, order quantity, delivered quantity, quantity at stock and quantity of rest to be produce) to be calculate accurately.

  •  It is possible to get the real picture instantly about Export L.C received to payment realization.

  •  Daily / monthly / annually statement of profit / loss to be get instantly as and when required.

  •  It can make utmost paper less office management, if management desire.

  •  High level of data security by password protection.

  •  User level field to field data protection facilities.

  •  Data backup and restore facilities.

  •  It is easy to use and flexible.

  •  The ERP Software will ensure the top level freeness from anxiety. Management will understand the daily activities of the organization without physical inspection.

  •  All kind of report will be in hand within a few seconds.


  • Procurement (Purchase)

  • Raw Material Inventory

  • Finished Goods Inventory

  • Spare Parts Inventory

  • Marketing ( sales )

  • Export L.C. Management

  • production Process Management

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resource Management (HRM).