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Email Service



Business / personal email hosting service


The business email hosting solution is focused on Small / Medium / Large corporate needing an extremely reliable and high speed business email hosting solution.

We also provide complete managed business email solutions on dedicated servers with an end to end business email hosting solution incase of large corporate requiring several thousands of business email accounts.

Our business email solution is reliable, robust and scalable enough for SMEs to large corporate requiring 1000s of email ids. Our business email solution cuts cost for our clients by way of extremely low maintenance, total protection from spam and viruses.

Our Business email service comes packaged with our unique "DESK TO DESK SUPPORT" ie we provide high quality expert support to each and every user in your organization directly over  email or even remote access to the users' desktop from our office, guiding them to trouble shoot any issues related to outlook / outlook express, gmail email account setups, etc thus ensuring that your business communications are ever active.

Our business email hosting solution can be use even if your domain name / web site hosting is provided with some third party service provider.




BDT 6000/year

  • 5 Email Account
  • 1 GB Disc Space
  • 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth


BDT 200,00/year

  • 500 Email Account
  • 20 GB Disc Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


BDT 30,000/year

  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


Business email Solutions Server Details

High speed and reliable Business email hosting service on Redhat Linux shared email hosting .

Data transfer
Data transfer provided is unlimited. No surprises or hidden charges.

Antivirus / Antispam
Real-time Antivirus / Antispam scanning is done by our highly reliable software which comprises of Inter7 Simscan + chkuser + SpamAssassin + Clam antivirus. This scans each email with its Antivirus engine ensuring totally clean emails. Incase of virus content in emails sent, the email is deleted. Antivirus signatures are automatically updated every hour 24X7X365 so that the system is ever active.

Web based cpanel or email administration control panel for creating email accounts and managing them.

POP3 service and SMTP authenticated service to allow receiving and sending of emails via any popular email client or mail exchange server.

Mail Archive security (Optional)
The administrator can archive every email sent and received from any particular email account or all email accounts. This feature is particularly useful of keeping a check on the email contents, as a backup and for organizational security and accountability.

Web based email hosting management
Web based interface similar to hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. is provided so that users can access emails globally. This interface is customizable to suit any corporate website look and feel.

Email Hosting Space Quota Restrictions
For our corporate email solutions we do not place any quota restrictions on the boxes since there is a chance that this will cause bouncing of emails due to over quota usage. (Though we can definitely set the hard limit for the quota). What we have is a mechanism by which as soon as the quota exceed by 10 percent of the total package size a warning will be sent to the email administrator email id. This ensures that no mail will EVER bounce

Our service is Fully scalable at any point of time by just paying the difference in cost.

Migration of email hosting from your existing service provider
Incase your website is currently active with some other service provider we can migrate your website and all existing users email account to our servers without any downtime.

Intranet Compatibility of email hosting
Our solution is fully compatible with mail exchangers like Microsoft Exchange server, Postmaster, Lotus notes and also with email clients like Microsoft outlook, Outlook, Express, Netscape Navigator, Eudora. All business email accounts can send and receive emails from local pc / server.

support for email Service
Our servers are monitored continuously round the clock. Technical support is provided via email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


** We Dont Allow any Trial account / demonstration