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how we work



As our customer, you have access to several specialized services under the DIFFERENT TECH banner. As you work with us, new possibilities will open up and you'll discover that the scope is infinity - for new processes or innovations that add value to your customers, simplify procedures for your staff or reduce cost burdens for your partners.

we create value for our customers by following a unique step by step process. Focus on feasibility study, requirement analysis, designing, coding, testing and maintenance. enables us to ensure the smooth transition and the quick completion of the outsourced project. For new project we follow lassie waterfall model and for migration or modification of existing software we use reverse engineering technique on process handling phase.


1. (Lead & Prospect Generation) Establishing contact between your CUSTOMER & DIFFERENT TECH

2. Understanding your requirements


3. Deciding on pricing and signing agreements

4. Advance Payment , Initialization & Starting the project

5. Executing & Final Compilation the project